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We recently had a reader send us pictures of several different tools he was unable to identify. (See this year's July, August, and September mystery items.) We were able to identify all but one, which we've chosen to feature this month. We've never featured an item that we weren't able to identify before posting. 

Again, since we don't have the item in our possession, we can pass along only what we've been told about it. It measures 7" from the bottom of the base to the top of the wooden handle. The base is 5.5" from tip to tip and 3" across at the widest point. Additionally, the underside of the base appears to be slightly convex. The manufacturer is Boston Electric Heating Co. For a closer look, click here.


* Note: This is the first month we've ever gone without a winner. In fact, we didn't know what this month's mystery item was when we posted it. Even after writing the successor company to the original manufacturer and learning what it was, it was still hard to find much information about it. Click the "answer" link above to find out what it is.