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We couldn't resist a chest of drawers for $6.99. Still, getting it home was a challenge. We crammed it into the back of our Saturn four-door and hoped for the best. I remember saying on the way home, "If it falls out, we're only out seven bucks!"

We got it home in one piece - barely. The bottom right leg was the only casualty. It was intact when we bought it. Not bad.

While not pictured in the "before" pic, the chest did come with drawers. The back was in much worse shape than the front though. Here you see the scrapes and gouges that covered the back. Although not visible in the photo, the word "Dad" was actually carved into one of the sides.

Several of the runners on the drawers were broken and had to be repaired. Because the wood wasn't painted, we escaped having to strip it. We removed all the hardware and took a palm sander to each piece. It was relatively quick work.

With all the pieces removed and sanded, the next step was paint.

Here, the final product starts to take shape. With sanding and painting behind us, all that was left was the hardware.

Finally, our $6.99 chest of drawers - complete with $27 in hardware - was finished! We lined the drawers and rubbed paraffin over the drawer runners to ensure easy sliding.